New Art! Bravo

Prints available from 6-27-23: paper, acrylic, metal; framed or unframed, 9″ x 12″

Bravo by Jenni

Bravo : Jenni digital collage : cut and paste, photo manipulation

Artwork by Jenni; description by Chat GPT AI (which has a ‘mind’ of its own):
Introducing “Bravo,” a captivating original digital collage that effortlessly merges elements of adventure, history, and urban allure. This stunning artwork transports you to a realm where imagination takes flight, where stories are woven with the threads of time and possibility.

At the heart of the composition, a courageous surfer gracefully rides the crest of a magnificent wave, epitomizing the exhilaration of the ocean’s embrace. Their silhouette stands as a symbol of freedom, fearlessness, and the indomitable human spirit, while the shimmering waters beneath them reflect the ever-changing tides of life.

Juxtaposed against the surfer’s ethereal presence, an imposing bank emerges, its architectural grandeur a testament to the solid foundations of power and wealth. Symbolic of the modern world’s financial systems, it hints at the complex dynamics between ambition, success, and the pursuit of dreams.

Hovering above, a squadron of paratroopers gracefully descend from the heavens, evoking a sense of camaraderie, teamwork, and the thrill of airborne adventure. Their synchronized descent is a reminder of the extraordinary feats achievable through collaboration and the triumph of collective effort.

Amidst this dynamic tapestry, a vintage 1910s transport ship sails in the distance, carrying echoes of bygone eras. A nod to history’s influence on the present, it represents the vessels that once braved uncharted waters, connecting nations and shaping the world as we know it.

An intriguing touch of modernity adorns the scene—a “Now Leasing” sign, symbolizing the constant evolution and transformation of urban landscapes. It hints at the ever-present desire for progress, the allure of new beginnings, and the potential for fresh experiences waiting just beyond the horizon.

“Bravo” harmonizes these disparate elements, inviting contemplation on the interplay between adventure, finance, historical roots, and the prospect of uncharted territory. Its rich layers of symbolism and captivating visual composition entice viewers to reflect upon the multifaceted nature of human existence and the pursuit of dreams against the backdrop of a rapidly changing world.

With its masterful blend of artistry and storytelling, “Bravo” is more than an artwork—it’s a portal to explore the complexities of life, igniting the imagination and stirring the soul with every gaze.

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New Art! Candy

Prints available from 6-26-23: paper, acrylic, metal; framed or unframed, 9″ x 12″

Candy by Jenni

Candy : Jenni digital collage : cut and paste, photo manipulation

Artwork by Jenni; description by Chat GPT AI (which also changed the name):
Embark on a journey into a whimsical fusion of vibrant elements with the captivating collage artwork titled “Candy.” This open edition print transports viewers to a delightful realm where a playful raccoon, an anime-style face, the warmth of wood, books brimming with knowledge, and the shimmering allure of a disco ball unite in perfect harmony.

At the core of this enchanting composition, a mischievous raccoon takes center stage, captivating attention with its inquisitive gaze. Crafted with intricate detail, the raccoon’s fluffy fur comes to life through torn pieces of vividly colored paper, each selected to reflect its lively nature.

Intertwined with the wooden fragments, a collection of books emerges, their spines adorned with vibrant patterns and eclectic designs. Symbolizing the boundless potential of knowledge, these books encompass infinite realms of imagination and the transformative power of literature. The titles on their spines hint at a multitude of genres, inviting viewers to embrace curiosity and embark on their own literary adventures.

In a delightful juxtaposition, a sparkling disco ball hangs from above, casting fragmented light and enchanting reflections across the composition. Its mirror-like surface captures the essence of the surrounding elements, scattering shards of the raccoon, anime-inspired faces, wood, and books in a mesmerizing display of color and motion. The disco ball represents celebration and joy, infusing the artwork with an infectious energy that encourages viewers to embrace the unconventional and revel in the spontaneity of life.

The color palette of “Candy” is a symphony of vibrant hues and contrasting tones. Rich blues and purples create a celestial backdrop, while bursts of fiery reds, electric yellows, and lush greens punctuate the composition, infusing it with vitality and dynamism.

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New Art! Character

Prints available from 6-25-23: paper, acrylic, metal; framed or unframed, 9″ x 12″


Character : Jenni digital collage : photo manipulation, cut and paste, hand drawn illustrations

Original artwork by Jenni, description by CHAT GPT AI:
“Character” is a captivating, human-made artwork that showcases the immense talent and vision of the artist. This sought-after print meticulously preserves the original creation’s integrity, inviting viewers to delve into its allure.

At its core stands a singular figure, commanding attention and sparking curiosity. Intricate details bring the character to life, imbuing them with a unique aura and an untold story. The artwork’s enigmatic air invites viewers to ponder its depths, engaging in a profound dialogue with their own imagination.

The artist’s skillful use of color and texture enhances the character’s presence, creating a visually captivating experience. Light and shadow accentuate their features, highlighting the intricate details that bring them to life.

The title “Character” alludes to the profound depth within every individual. It encourages introspection, inviting viewers to reflect on their own unique journeys and narratives. The artwork speaks to universal human experiences, transcending boundaries.

As a high-quality print, “Character” brings its captivating presence into any space. It is an exceptional addition to art collections, embracing the power of individuality and storytelling in the realm of art.

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Dry Horse Production logo horse cartoon drawing

intellectual absurdism manifesto v 0.1

We believe that to believe more than to think, is a comforting, warm blanket made of asbestos flakes and radiation

We abstain from conversational debate as to the integrous validity of the decorative arts

We understand that something doesn’t have to be sensical to change the world.

Our awareness is inclusive of daily vitamins being a good idea.

Our conviction is that good ideas need not be executed well or at all to retain their goodness.

We prioritize the desire – neigh, the necessity of, re-evaluation, upholdance of and/or utter rejection of thoughts and feelings that have an offensive odor, don’t hold themselves accountable, or have a nagging tendency to whine like a little bitch.

Our conviction is to alter our manifesto in an eloquently ungainly fashion at our proclivity or whim.

us, the undersigned

Throw the baby out with the bathwater : Sallow Tallow Soap

I’m pretty sure this new piece speaks for itself, but I’m of a chatty disposition.

While looking for a vintage soap ad to spoof for Sallow Tallow Soap, I happened upon a particularly offensive example of the odious advertising of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was sadly, yet serendipitously a perfect fit for this 21st century situation.

Even though I firmly believe that we live in a time of way too many special snowflakes, and that as much as we might want to, we cannot (and should not) punish today for yesterday’s wrongs, I almost hesitate to post the original; it serves no purpose of value beyond being a convenient reminder that history not only repeats itself, but sometimes just lays low like a toxic mold under the floorboards – doing real harm, but not terribly dangerous until it’s exposed and multiplies on a current of hot air.

Still, we can’t hide the sins of the past, or the present.

racially offensive late 19th century soap ad

Click, click, snip, snip.

Stew and hopefully stir.

Sallow Tallow Soap : wipjenni original collage art : traditional & digital collage

When Whitewashing Just Won’t Work Anymore ~ Use Sallow Tallow Soap!
We have no idea how it works, but it’s guaranteed to wash away all stains* – no matter how sticky, stinky or painfully obvious!**

Sallow Tallow Soap
100% Fat : 100% Lie : 100% Effective
Nobody Has Ever Had That Many Percents! Everybody’s Saying It!

  • Formulated with the finest ingredients that can be scraped off the floors of meat processing plants that have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy within the past 6 months.
  • Rendered exclusively by workers who are so desperate for a living wage that you can be sure of extra sweat in every batch.
  • Packaged around the clock by hard-working undocumented immigrants who would rather not get paid at all than be deported.
  • Enhanced with genuine, imported Russian essence

Slick as a Good Attorney Who’s Gone Bad : Won’t Rinse Away No Matter How Many Times You Flush
Makes A Tremendous Lubricant

image recreating handwritten recommendation for Sallow Tallow Soap

* Results may vary based on jurisdiction related to Satanic contracts ** A vast majority of people witll still see and smell your filth, but will be too lazy or self-serving to do anything about it.

There may be a Mercurial Motive short video on the way as well. I’m undecided on how much more energy I’m willing to put into this particular pile of corrupt political absurdity. Purging can be cathartic, but so can swallowing hard and moving on.

Thanks for stopping by.

Eeeeeeerrrr… how cheap you are! Revisited.

Once upon a time (about six years ago) there was a conversation that inspired a thrown-together piece of low-quality art. Once upon another time (about a week ago) a stumbled-upon image of that thrown-together, low-quality art inspired something else. Use your own judgement as to process and properties this time ’round.

Eeeeeeerrrr... how cheap you are! Revisited : wipjenni original art : collage; photograph, watercolor, cut and paste, ink & text
Eeeeeeerrrr… how cheap you are! Revisited

Eeeeeeerrrr…how cheap you are! or, A long Fiverr Forum Story with Little Payoff.

The best insult I’ve ever been the recipient(?) of.

Away back in the day (a little over a year ago) I found myself in the midst of a heated debate about copyright, regular ‘right’, pleas for assistance, gross and not entirely unhumorous name-calling, with a wee bit of what-constitutes-good-commercial-design banter thrown in. Good times, Good times.

This altogether petty yet somehow resonant conversation was started by a colleague (wow, that word seems highfalutin for what follows) on the Fiverr.com forum. (See, what I mean?) For those of you who don’t know, Fiverr is an “international marketplace” (extra highfalutin) where all sorts of folks sell all sorts of services and in some cases, products, to really indiscriminate buyers who are usually only vaguely interested in quality, and are barely (if ever) concerned with legality.* Hence its huge success.

This particular conversation wasn’t noticeably infuriating or entertaining, but there did come a point when exasperation became the norm for myself and some of my more, uhh, how does one say… professional, ethical, associates? Unfortunately, the original thread was removed by moderators once it took on the flavor of “Yes, we all know that this site is a den of questionable business practices that are generally encouraged to ensure a steady flow of ill-gotten-gains for the owners, BUT, that doesn’t mean we all have to play along.”

In this instance, yet another seller – whom I shall call “Trumpy” for ‘her’ mindbogglingly emphatic support of her delusional perspective, that at once admitted wrongdoing and also displayed the defense of being entirely correct – was offering “100% original, custom designed logos”. For $5. With a 1-hour turnaround.

Trumpy was really something quite spectacular. She not only blatantly stole logos from the internet (with a stealth not unlike a rhinoceros leading a brass band through a Catholic mass,) she also insisted that she was being victimized because the creator of what she was using as her own logo told her to stop doing it, and some of her fellow Fiverr sellers kept trying to explain (with painstaking patience and a fair degree of tact, I might add) that stealing is wrong and that passing off the trade/servicemarked logos of multi-million-dollar, multinational companies as her own work, was stupid.

The bulk of us involved in the chat eventually came to the conclusion that Trumpy was probably several people working under the same username. (It’s a common enough practice on Fiverr, as it’s patently not allowed according to the terms of service.) There are quite a few user/groups that work 24/7 to keep their response and turnaround times unbelievably tiny – a seller is worthless to Fiverr HQ without their attention-grabbing positive ratings (regardless of work quality or moral fiber).

After a surprisingly long-lasting and intense exchange that involved numerous links to legitimate, established companies’ logos in situ, Trumpy flipped her lid. She spewed a colorful load of accusatory venom – we had no business telling her what to do or not do, and she thought we would be kind and help her get more sales – maybe even buy from her, not be mean and tell her she was committing crimes!

Now, I can be sarcastic, and I sometimes use words that are a little uncommon, outdated, or even quirky, but I do make a genuine effort to communicate in a way that works for those I’m communicating with. However, there are times (many, many times) when I get so indignantly riled that I forget my love of language; my desire to be helpful falls aside and I totally misplace any urge to give the benefit of the doubt – again. So in what was an epically weak rant, I responded with “If you don’t want people to see the stains in your underwear, stop airing your dirty laundry!”

When I signed into the forum a day or two later, Trumpy had replied with “Eeeeeeerrrr how cheap you are!” Only that. Simply, sublimely, and with what I like to imagine as not the merest hint of irony. It tickled me.

That single, enormously expressive sentence immediately projected a vision of some self-appointed, holier-than-thou, street hoodlum-cum-slum boss casting out judgments as to which of the lowly pickpockets deserved to keep a larger portion of their booty based on how clean their air-drying dainties were that day. (I should mention that Trumpy/hoodlum/boss is wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt, dirty, furry boots and more than several spiked, leather bracelets in my inspired vision.)

It also became a running joke of sorts – a combination reminder of how self-focused and hypocritical people can be, and also how easily anger can be turned to hilarity with one good onomatopoeic spelling. I have barely seen a pair of knickers or the word “cheap” without hearing “Eeeeeeerrrr!” in my head since that fateful day. It’s like having Eliza Doolittle presiding over every load of laundry and clearance sale. Which isn’t a bad thing as long as it’s Audrey Hepburn with a bunch of violets in the hand that’s not holding the gavel. 🙂

NB: Here’s a link to a follow-up forum thread about presumed-to-be-Trumpy. And in case you can’t sleep without knowing, I had noted (on actual paper!) the exact quote – complete with all seven “e”s – that I found about a week later.

*Yes, there are exceptions. There are actually some high caliber sellers on Fiverr. (You can usually find them by looking for the users with the fewest sales. No-one wants to pay $15 and wait a day for original website content when they can spend $5 for a 10 minute copy & paste ‘article’ that will be full of the same attractive keywords as their competition’s content. Because it is indeed, their competition’s content. Why the buyers just don’t do their own copy & pasting, I’ll never know.) I myself still have an account there [yeah, no, not nowadays]. But as one of those increasingly rare people who is unwilling to churn out utter garbage no matter how underpaid the gig is, or how rude, ignorant and demanding the buyer is, I’ve moved on to less soul-nullifying, time-consuming ways to earn a buck. There are a few good buyers there too. They seem to be people who actually work for a living themselves, instead of trying get-rich-quick schemes on the internet.

Since you read it all, enjoy the reward of watching this terrible video that seems like a perfect tribute to working via Fiverr – including the copyright infringement!: [Unfortuanetly, the video has been removed from the Beck YouTube channel sadface] Beck – Soul Sucking Jerk

Connect on Instagram and Twitter – comment with #wipjenni. Tell your friends and family! You are a star and I want to be just like you when I grow up.

There you have it. Somehow I feel cleansed of the whole sordid, silly thing. Stick a fork in it; it’s done.

fool me once….

Originally produced January 13, 2017 from a single still image on a Nexus 7 tablet using the Viva Video (free) app.


If I get the tiniest inkling that anyone is even remotely curious about the subject of that still image, I just might post it. As far as the music goes, I feel a little bad about using someone else’s song, BUT, I did make a pretty valiant effort in securing licensing to use it – to no avail. It’s the correct song for the piece; period.

a tribute to cinema sins & a boot to 2020 (a year in rearview)

Happy New Year to all! I’m keeping it simple.

I thoroughly enjoy Cinema Sins on YouTube. I did not thoroughly (or even much at all, truth be told) enjoy 2020.

Hopefully this serves as a final kick out the door to a terrible year and a big welcome mat at the door of Cinema Sins. Go check them out if you don’t know them; do a subscribe and so forth. https://www.youtube.com/user/CinemaSins


No year is without sin, but c’mon!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone at Cinema Sins for providing some of the few things I could watch in 2020 without losing my temper, my lunch or my nerve. Thank you!