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intellectual absurdism manifesto v 0.1

We believe that to believe more than to think, is a comforting, warm blanket made of asbestos flakes and radiation

We abstain from conversational debate as to the integrous validity of the decorative arts

We understand that something doesn’t have to be sensical to change the world.

Our awareness is inclusive of daily vitamins being a good idea.

Our conviction is that good ideas need not be executed well or at all to retain their goodness.

We prioritize the desire – neigh, the necessity of, re-evaluation, upholdance of and/or utter rejection of thoughts and feelings that have an offensive odor, don’t hold themselves accountable, or have a nagging tendency to whine like a little bitch.

Our conviction is to alter our manifesto in an eloquently ungainly fashion at our proclivity or whim.

us, the undersigned