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There are art videos on YouTube; you might be amused / bemused by them. jenni on youtube


I’m a multi-disciplinary creator who resents finite labels (among other things) and rebels against the outdated rule that an artist must be predictable to be successful. I simply wouldn’t be me and I certainly wouldn’t be a genuine artist if I just cranked out what sells and didn’t express myself. Art is about connecting with others. I want to connect with the multi-faceted, misfit and misunderstood people as much as the mainstream folks who love simple and straightforward.

Art prints are available via my Saatchi Art Portfolio and directly through links in my gallery.

I’m also crafting a TikTok that reads like a cutup / stream of consciousness / beat poetry / behind the scenes look at me and how I see things. Check it out and follow if you think you can handle it. 😉

Snoot around and by all means, hit the contact page to get in touch for information about purchasing originals or if you’re a gallerist or curator interested in showing my work. We can also connect via Instagram.

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What does WIP mean? WIP is a common acronym for “Work In Progress“.

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