Throw the baby out with the bathwater : Sallow Tallow Soap

I’m pretty sure this new piece speaks for itself, but I’m of a chatty disposition.

While looking for a vintage soap ad to spoof for Sallow Tallow Soap, I happened upon a particularly offensive example of the odious advertising of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was sadly, yet serendipitously a perfect fit for this 21st century situation.

Even though I firmly believe that we live in a time of way too many special snowflakes, and that as much as we might want to, we cannot (and should not) punish today for yesterday’s wrongs, I almost hesitate to post the original; it serves no purpose of value beyond being a convenient reminder that history not only repeats itself, but sometimes just lays low like a toxic mold under the floorboards – doing real harm, but not terribly dangerous until it’s exposed and multiplies on a current of hot air.

Still, we can’t hide the sins of the past, or the present.

racially offensive late 19th century soap ad

Click, click, snip, snip.

Stew and hopefully stir.

Sallow Tallow Soap : wipjenni original collage art : traditional & digital collage

When Whitewashing Just Won’t Work Anymore ~ Use Sallow Tallow Soap!
We have no idea how it works, but it’s guaranteed to wash away all stains* – no matter how sticky, stinky or painfully obvious!**

Sallow Tallow Soap
100% Fat : 100% Lie : 100% Effective
Nobody Has Ever Had That Many Percents! Everybody’s Saying It!

  • Formulated with the finest ingredients that can be scraped off the floors of meat processing plants that have filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy within the past 6 months.
  • Rendered exclusively by workers who are so desperate for a living wage that you can be sure of extra sweat in every batch.
  • Packaged around the clock by hard-working undocumented immigrants who would rather not get paid at all than be deported.
  • Enhanced with genuine, imported Russian essence

Slick as a Good Attorney Who’s Gone Bad : Won’t Rinse Away No Matter How Many Times You Flush
Makes A Tremendous Lubricant

image recreating handwritten recommendation for Sallow Tallow Soap

* Results may vary based on jurisdiction related to Satanic contracts ** A vast majority of people witll still see and smell your filth, but will be too lazy or self-serving to do anything about it.

There may be a Mercurial Motive short video on the way as well. I’m undecided on how much more energy I’m willing to put into this particular pile of corrupt political absurdity. Purging can be cathartic, but so can swallowing hard and moving on.

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