fool me once….

Originally produced January 13, 2017 from a single still image on a Nexus 7 tablet using the Viva Video (free) app.


If I get the tiniest inkling that anyone is even remotely curious about the subject of that still image, I just might post it. As far as the music goes, I feel a little bad about using someone else’s song, BUT, I did make a pretty valiant effort in securing licensing to use it – to no avail. It’s the correct song for the piece; period.

a tribute to cinema sins & a boot to 2020 (a year in rearview)

Happy New Year to all! I’m keeping it simple.

I thoroughly enjoy Cinema Sins on YouTube. I did not thoroughly (or even much at all, truth be told) enjoy 2020.

Hopefully this serves as a final kick out the door to a terrible year and a big welcome mat at the door of Cinema Sins. Go check them out if you don’t know them; do a subscribe and so forth.


No year is without sin, but c’mon!

Heartfelt thanks to everyone at Cinema Sins for providing some of the few things I could watch in 2020 without losing my temper, my lunch or my nerve. Thank you!