Thank you for being interested in my artwork. There are final art videos related to some of these pieces as well as goofy process videos on my YouTube channel. jenni on YouTube

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Jenni is a multidisciplinary, postmodern artist / creator who embraces a broad range of materials and techniques to produce expressive art experiences that invite and occasionally incite the audience to be both spectator and confidante; fine art originals on paper, art videos, upcycled, found-resource sculpture, personal ‘art therapy’ presented as relatable, print on demand design, etc., etc.. Something for everyone; nothing for everyone.

The prints, posters and other merchandise featured here are produced by third party print on demand services to save time, energy, resources and expense for both of us. Have a lovely day.

fine art prints

posters & merch

Most designs shown in the “posters & merch” gallery are available printed on many products, from apparel to housewares to office supplies, so please click through to see more options. Thank you.