Let’s Be Independent, Together!

Have you ever just finally decided enough is enough? Sick (and sad) of wasting so much precious time trying to do things the right way, the best way, the prescribed way? Me too, friend!

wipjenni blog image of Jdiction and yrymht UV resins
Obnoxiously un-staged photo of Jdiction and YRYMHT UV resins on my kitchen counter
I’m inviting you on what may be the most painfully boring adventure to hit the 21st century. (I know, it’s a low bar, but we all have to start somewhere.) I’ve had a YouTube channel for awhile now and this site for a little longer. I’ve been start/stopping, start/stopping, start/stopping attempts at being a professional artist/creator for more years than you can shake a stick at (and sayings like that only go to show how long it’s been. OK, not true, I’ve used old timey language since I was knee high to a grasshopper and that may, or may not have been quite a few decades ago.) My point being that things always get in the way – some of them incredibly important and more of them just silly, sticky little notions floating around in my noggin; the silliest and most worthy of an exorcism would be that things matter. I mean like EVERYthing(s), and matter a-whole-honking-lot. They don’t. So without further ado, I’m going to “start messy” as they say and begin banging out some content, and up my flinging-to-see-what-sticks game.

For the YouTube channel, that means knocking together a couple of series–es-es. For now I’m thinking about ‘supplementing’ my actual fine art videos (la-ti-da) with some ‘art alongs’ (which might well not be “art” by definition) and who knows, maybe eventually some tutorials (like I mentioned earlier, this is the 21st century and we’re all experts now (la-ti-da-the-sequel), but until them, we can learn together. I’m thinking I’ll also put together some review type things because it turns out that Amazon makes you an instant affiliate these days so you hustle yer butt off to get some sales right away so they don’t cut you off after your ‘probabtion’. Crafty.

So yeah, my day job is lousy, my creative supplies dry up, melt, get stinky and otherwise become un-usable well before I get around to using them (yay for digital art) and I’m fairly well convinced that the never-ending basement clean out/workshop/studio project may have been the pipe dream of a far more optimistic me. I hope you get something out of the flinging, and it’s my sincere hope that if nothing else, you will decide to do more flinging and less thinking. I’m just posting the links down below to see how they work; these are a couple of items I may do a review thing of. Because learning how to make small, mostly useless (but pretty) things out of fume-laden UV Resin in the confined available space is exactly a perfect creative hobby for someone with chronic neck, wrist and sinus issues!

And yet, I feel like some of you might be the same sort of righteously-misguided misfit, and we just might make a go of this whole kooky, ill-conceived thing (Or not.) 😉

Go us!

P.S. I really love one of these resins and really hate the other one. But, I can’t tell you which is which yet because I need to motivate myself to create content and I’m going to need something to talk about (as soon as I decide I’m not too bashful/awkward to do a voiceover.)
JDiction UV Resin AND YRYM HT UV Resin